About Us

Ettem Engineering is a privately owned company specializing in the design and production of mechanical seals and specialty slider bearings.

As Israel’s sole manufacturer of mechanical seals, the company has managed since its foundation in 1993 to become a most significant force in the Israeli market and also has to its credit challenging sealing applications in the US and elsewhere.

This has been achieved by applying exhaustive research to each sealing application, be it a standard or an engineered design. These efforts have been rewarded with extended seal life and customer satisfaction.


Experience, know-how and design innovation
Ettem’s designs incorporate the most innovative and updated features with thorough exploitation of state-of-the-art seal technology to produce seals that are highly effective – even in the most extreme applications.
Ettem engineers employ contact and near-contact as well as non-contact fluid film techniques.

Backed by many years of experience, Ettem managers constantly seek to improve product performance while reducing costs through careful attention to design, manufacturing effectiveness and quality.

Over the years, Ettem has specialized in sealing of highly corrosive media, slurry solutions and fluids with high vapor-pressures.

In addition to its continually growing selection of standard seals, Ettem increasingly designs and manufactures engineered seals and complete “drive units” (shaft/housing/seals/bearings cartridges) for specialty applications; from sensitive pharmaceutical reactor applications to heavy industrial rotary units.

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