All mechanical seals, like any other machine element, eventually reach an end to their useful life. Depending on their condition, Ettem seals may need repair.
Our incoming used seals are cleaned and inspected to determine and quote cost and time required to bring the seals to their "as new" functional condition. 
Upon customer approval to proceed, our certified technicians perform the work and test the seals under inspection procedures identical to those applied to new seals.

Colage - Repair


Seminars & Training

Ettem Engineering offers Seminars & Training to project engineers, plant engineers and technicians from the various industrial sectors such as oil refineries, food and pharmaceutical processing plants, chemical and other industries. 
Our Seminars and Training sessions cover topics of sealing technology from basic design principles to advanced understanding of seal failure mechanisms. 
The Seminars and Training Courses are customarily submitted in Ettem Engineering conference room to engineers and technicians of each particular customer thus focusing on the specific nature and needs of the present client.
Seminars and Training sessions may take place in off-site locations such as conference centers and customer facilities. Invited training courses as well as custom-tailored sessions may be pre-arranged to meet specific requirements.


Ettem Engineering offers an extensive line of seals and sealing assemblies targeted at ISO/metric or ANSI/inch system based pumps. Single component seals, high pressure and high temperature designs and other sealing products for customer unique requirements.
Ettem's designs incorporate the most innovative and updated features with thorough exploitation of state-of-the-art seal technology to produce seals that are highly effective – even in the most extreme applications. Ettem engineers employ contact and near-contact as well as non-contact fluid film techniques.
Over the years, Ettem has specialized in sealing of highly corrosive media, slurry solutions and fluids with high vapor-pressures.
In addition to its continually growing selection of standard seals, Ettem increasingly designs and manufactures engineered seals and complete "drive units" (shaft/housing/seals/bearings cartridges) for specialty applications; from sensitive pharmaceutical reactor applications to heavy industrial rotary units.