Gevasol Ettem Sealing Solutions, formerly Ettem Engineering, was founded in 1993 by Rammy Shellef and Isaac Arazi.

In 2016, we became part of the Gevasol Group, a family-owned company.

We offer customized sealing solutions to various industries, including Pharma, Chemical, Green Energy, Defense, Petroleum, and OEMs.

Durability and Reliability
Comprehensive Solutions
Long-lasting Partnerships

Core Values

People Are at the Heart
We treat our stakeholders as friends. This entails deep listening and getting to the core of their technological and commercial needs. This disposition results in long-lasting relationships and customized, dedicated sealing solutions.
Engineering Prowess
We are the go-to provider of tailored solutions for complex sealing and rotary equipment requirements. Our long track record at the technological forefront of mechanical sealing, combined with the knowledge accumulated at the Gevasol Group, helps us address our customers' unique needs and complex systems.
Flexibility, Adaptability & Innovation
Our technological depth and unflinching approach to challenges allow us to adjust to the ever-changing playing field. We address the growing and urgent need to protect the environment with the reliable, durable sealing of contaminating materials.
Quality, Reliability, & Durability
Order, accuracy, and adherence to procedures and quality standards are the cornerstones of our culture, resulting in products with high performance that remain durable over the years, even under harsh environmental conditions.

Your most urgent and demanding rotating sealing challenge – Sealed with a creative human touch.


1993, Haifa, Israel.


Move to 1st production facility

1995, Acre, Israel.



ISO 9001 Certification



Start hiring employees


1st Turbine Seal delivery

2003, for a Geothermal power turbine


Build our own building

2006, Acre industrial area


1st FRU system delivery

2012, Fluid Rotary Union



Join the Gevasol Group


Gevasol Ettem Sealing Solutions

2023, Name Change


Move to a new & enlarged location in Naharia

May, 2024

Mario Sermoneta
for Gevasol





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