Rotary Motion and Leakage Prevention – It’s what we do!


Since 1993, at ETTEM ENGINEERING we have been singled out at designing and creating innovative, custom made sealing solutions for numerous industrial applications – Pharma, Chemical, Energy, Defense and Petroleum as well as Customized designs for OEM’s.


Innovative Engineering

In addition to our continually growing selection of catalog seals, ETTEM increasingly designs and manufactures engineered seals and complete Rotary Assemblies Sealed-for-Application including extreme non-standard applications; from sensitive pharmaceutical reactor applications to heavy industrial rotary units.


Full Range

Our solutions include contact, near-contact and non-contact fluid film techniques catering to your unique requirements – be it a highly corrosive media application, slurry solutions or fluids with high vapor-pressures.


Ettem managers constantly seek to improve product performance while reducing costs through careful attention to design, manufacturing effectiveness and quality.

Ettem Engineering Facts and Figures

Year established
ISO 9001:2015, Israel Navy Self Inspection Certificate
Type of Company
Ltd., 100% owned by Gevasol BV
Product lines
Mechanical seals | Sealed rotary unions | Sealed drive units
Company Head Office
Acco, Israel
Pharma, Chemical, Energy, Defence, Petroleum, OEM

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