OEMs must design and integrate reliable seals for diverse industrial applications, demanding engineering expertise while staying updated on sealing tech advancements aids.

Ettem solutions add value and a competitive edge:

  • OEMs serve diverse industries with unique mechanical sealing needs, and our versatile seal design adapts to various contexts.
  •  OEMs often require customized seals to match their equipment’s design and performance, tailored by our engineering team.
  •  OEMs balance cost, performance, and quality; we prioritize cost-effective, high-performance sealing solutions.
  •  OEMs seek durable, low-maintenance equipment; our seals endure extended operation, ensuring reliability.
  •  Equipment reliability is crucial for OEMs. We step in to design mechanical seals that will prevent leaks and costly downtime.

Featured Projects

Fluid Rotary Union

Optimize fluid flow between a fixed source and rotating systems with advanced technology for cooling, hydraulic power, and more.

Geothermal Power Turbine Double Mechanical Seals

Air Inlet Unit for Solar Energy Turbine

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