Whenever a catalog sealing system is not your best choice for your API application, Ettem Engineering is eager to step forward and Engineer an Optimum design for your unique application. This design is based on our commitment to listen to your special requirements and return with a tailor-made solution, be it a seal, a rotary drive union or even a new complementary product.

Featured products for petroleum applications


Operating conditions
Speed: to 3,000 RPM
Process Pressure: to 107 bar discharge
Process Temperature: to 40oC
Media: Benzine, Kerosene, Diesel fuel
Application: Single Worthington 3UXHF-108 Pump Seals



Operating conditions
Speed: to 1,450 RPM
Process Pressure: to 10 bar
Process Temperature: to 60oC
Media: Crude Oil
Application: Single IR 8×21 Pump Seals


Operating conditions
Speed: to 2,950 RPM
Process Pressure: to 160 psig
Process Temperature: to 120oF
Media: Viscous Hydrocarbons
Application: Single Pacific SVCN 3×15 Pump Seals


Operating Conditions
Speed: to 3,000 RPM
Process Pressure: to 10 bar
Process Temperature: to 230oC
Media: Diphyl DT Thermal Oil + Solids
Application: Single KSB 150 Pump Seal with EPS Solids Ejectors


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    Looking for a Tribology engineered solutions for extreme temperature applications, unique configurations, unusual motion or extreme pressure applications?