Pharmaceutical / Bio

Whenever a catalog sealing system is not your best choice for Pharmaceutical / Bio applications, Ettem Engineering is eager to step forward and Engineer an Optimum design for your unique application. This design is based on our commitment to listen to your special requirements and return with a tailor-made solution, be it a seal, a rotary drive union or even a new complementary product.

Featured products for Pharma applications


Operating conditions
Speed: to 10 RPM
Process Pressure: Vacuum to 1.5 bar
Process Temperature: 90oC to 121oC
Media: Pharmaceutical solvents + Solids
Application: Dual Pharmaceutical Dryer Seals


Operating conditions
Speed: to 1,000 RPM
Process Pressure: to 1 bar
Process Temperature: 25oC to 121oC
Media: Biological Fluids
Application: Single with Dual Pharmaceutical Reactor Seals


Operating conditions
Speed: 3,500 RPM
Process Pressure: Vacuum to 3 bar
Process Temperature: to 135oC
Media: Vaccination Fluids
Application: Dual Pharmaceutical Reactor Seal


Operating Conditions

Speed: 300 RPM
Pressure: to 100 spi
Temperature: to 300oC
Media: Biological Fluids
Application: Dual Bio Reactor Seal


    Challenge Us!

    Looking for a Tribology engineered solutions for extreme temperature applications, unique configurations, unusual motion or extreme pressure applications?