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Cartridge Seals

Cartridge seals embody the modern form of mechanical seal designs. They contain all the required sealing elements in a unitary, preset and pretested assembly. They were developed to facilitate professional, error free mounting of seals on rotary fluid machines; mostly centrifugal pumps. Ettem catalog cartridge seals are available in metric as well as imperial size range from 25mm (1″) to 100mm (4″), for standard or oversize seal chambers and are offered in standard or special material combinations

Cartridge Seals

Cartridge Seals for Specific Applications

The largest market for mechanical seals is the centrifugal pump market; most seal types and families are designed accordingly. Applications that do not fall under the category of “typical operating conditions” of centrifugal pumps may be deviant in their geometric operating envelop and/or operating conditions. Over the years many such seal applications have been developed at Ettem as Engineered seals. Some have been designated as a Catalog Type.


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