Cartridge Seals

Dual Cartridge Seals

As single cartridge catalog seals, Dual cartridge catalog seals are also designed for specific or general purpose applications with emphasis on best forgiveness for extreme operating environment. They fit standard or oversized seal chambers of process pumps per ANSI/ASME B73 specification or equal.

Dual seals are required when single seals cannot survive the operating conditions or cannot meet environmental emission regulations.

Dual Cartridge Seals

230CD/CDS/CDOS Dual Cartridge Seals

  • Heavy Duty Universal Dual Cartridge Seal.
  • Compact CD/CDS Designs for Tight Radial and Axial Space for Standard Seal Chambers. CDOS variety for Oversize Chambers.
  • Enhanced circulation of barrier fluid by means of Eccentric Pump design.
  • Most Resistant to Process-Side/Barrier fluid Pressure Reversals.

Technical summery table*

Temperature Range
-40°C to 300°C
Differential Pressure Range (P process – P barrier)
-5 bar to 40 bar
Speed Range
0 to 20 m/sec

* Depending on Materials, Size and Operating Conditions


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