Barrier Fluid Tanks

Barrier Fluid Tanks are used in Dual Seal installations for cooling and possibly as a pressurized accumulator for the barrier fluid.
Contrary to common view, proper selection and installation of such tanks must be done with care and discipline to achieve the desired results.
Ettem tanks are supplied pretested in accordance with their designated performance characteristics.

Barrier Fluid Tanks

TKA-07L – Metallic Buffer Barrier Fluid Tanks

  • 304L gauge 10S vessel, SST glass cover and screws
  • 316 SST construction upon request
  • Borosilicate Glass, Graphite/PTFE Gaskets
  • Pressure to 18 barg, Temperature -30°C to 175°C
  • 7 Liter capacity at midrange level (11 Liter total)
  • Optional Water Cooling -3/8″ Cooling Coil Tubing, 1,300 sq. cm (202 sq. in.) Surface Area, 316 SST construction
  • Construction per Section VIII Div. I of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

TKA-20L – Plastic Buffer Barrier Fluid Tanks

  • PVC vessel
  • Transparent Plastic Level Tube
  • Ambient Pressure & Temperature Service Only!
  • Install in Shaded area Only
  • 20 Liter capacity at midrange level (25 Liter total)


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