Engineered Products

Complementary Products

Complementary products are, as their name implies, products which do not comprise of Ettem’s main line of business but rather, offer additional capabilities that have evolved over the years.

Complementary Products


Operating conditions
Speed: Static
Process Pressure: to 25 bar
Process Temperature: to 500oC
Media: Air/Jet-Fuel/Oil
Application: Static Gas-Turbine Fluid Conduits Seal


Operating conditions
Speed: to 3,000 RPM
Process Pressure: to 10 bar
Process Temperature: to 230oC
Media: Diphyl DT Thermal Oil + Solids
Application: EPS Solids Ejector for a Single KSB 150 Pump Seal


Operating conditions
Speed: per User Specifications
Process Pressure: per User Specifications
Process Temperature: per User Specifications
Media: per User Specifications
Application: SiC Slider Bearing Set for a PRG Magnetic Drive


Operating conditions
Speed: manual rotation/swing
Process Pressure: to 6 bar
Process Temperature: to 100oC
Media: for Sanitary Application – free of abrasive content
Application: Sanitary Rotary Union


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