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Progressive Cavity Pump Seals

Progressive cavity pumps are a unique type of rotary positive displacement pumps. Their sealing area geometry and mechanical arrangement are distinctive, rendering the use of ordinary cartridge seal impractical or complex. Furthermore, they are used mostly for pumping of pastes and slurries at low speeds, making the operating conditions nonstandard. Ettem sealing solutions for such pumps are pump specific and are offered in a variety of material combinations.

Progressive Cavity Pump Seals

PCSS / PCSD Progressive Cavity Pump Seals

  • Heavy Duty Cartridge Seal Replacing original Packings.
  • Plug & Play – No Fasteners Required for Installation.
  • PCSS Single or PCSD Dual cartridge designs.
  • Reversible Replacement – No change in equipment.
  • Fit Progressive Cavity Pump types such as Mono, Allweiler, Netzsch  and other manufacturers

Technical summery table*

Temperature Range
-40°C to 300°C
Differential Pressure Range (P process – P barrier/ P atm)
-5 bar to 40 bar
Speed Range
0 to 10 m/sec

* Depending on Materials, Size and Operating Conditions


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