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Rotary Screw Conveyor Seals

Screw conveyors are used in the process industry for transfer of thick slurries, powders and granular media. these conveyors are often designed and fabricated for specific applications whereby their typical operating conditions involve volumetric transfer rather than pressure buildup. The screws drive shafts are normally sealed by packing rings which are seldom leak tight. When leakage of media is not acceptable, Type 240 seal with its dedicated compression unit may offer the needed solution.  

Rotary Screw Conveyor Seals

240 Rotary Screw Conveyor Seals

  • Heavy Duty Dual Cartridge Seal for Rotary Conveyors
  • Supplied in conjunction with unique Lube Unit for permanent pressurization of buffer area by specialty lubricant
  • Optional FDA compatible materials on the Process side
  • Designed for Minimal Erosion of surfaces by Solid Process Particles

Technical summery table*

Temperature Range
-40°C to 150°C
Differential Pressure Range (P process – P barrier)
-5 bar to 5 bar
Speed Range
0 to 4 m/sec

* Depending on Materials, Size and Operating Conditions


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